The Amazing World Of Gumball The DVD

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Cartoon Network is releasing the third and final DVD installment from season 1 of the award-winning show, "The Amazing World of Gumball." In the feature episode, the pressure is on as Gumball and his best friend, Darwin, set out to find dates to an upcoming high school party! Will Gumball be too shy to ask his long-time crush, Penny? Leave it to Gumball and Darwin to turn this party into a night no one will forget.

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Gumball is learning a lot about life. Like old school jousting against Tobias for Pennys affections may not be the best path to FTW. Or dont upset the towns giant on social networking sites. Dont give out your new phone number to Ocho. Dont take up a ghosts offer to also become a ghost (seems obvious). And most of all, dont ever lose control of the family remote control.

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