Tales From The Tower The History Of The Tower Of London

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London;s Royal Palaces are still some of the most visited places in England. A great deal of their official histories are well known. But London;s Strangest Tales: Historic Royal Palaces reveals the bizarre, funny and surreal events and episodes that have occurred over the centuries on the grounds of these beautiful buildings. It gives an alternative history: from the wandering inebriated zebras at the Tower of London, the cricket ball that probably killed a king, and the mystery of Kew;s disappearing mosque.

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The Tower of London is the United Kingdom's number 1 tourist attraction. This impressive castle has been part of London's royal heritage for more than 1000 years, changing roles from fortress to palace to prison. Tales from the Tower brings to life just a few of the more amazing episodes in history that involve the Tower of London. These stories about torture, murder and rare escapes date from the 11th to the 20th century! This is not for the squeamish or faint hearted.

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