Magnum Pi Season 6

Alle Preise verstehen sich für die 'Magnum Pi Season 6' sind die ungefähren Kosten der Lieferung an eine Adresse in Deutschland.

Get ready to ride shotgun in a fiery red and Ferrari with TV's most charming detective, Magnum P.I., as all 20 thrilling Season Six episodes arrive on DVD for the first time ever! Tom Selleck returns in his Emmy-winning role ads the Hawaiian private investigator with a knack for solving crime and attracting the ladies. Join Higgins, T.C., and Rick as they help Magnum in such captivating adventures as tracking down international assassins, catching an elusive cat burglar, and wrangling up vicious cattle rustlers.

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Move into high gear, because "Magnum P.I.: Season Five" is now on DVD! Tom Selleck is back in his Primetime Emmy(R) Award-winning role as the charismatic detective who protects the sunny Hawaiian islands from vicious jewel thieves, ruthless kidnappers and even dangerous ghostly apparitions. Join Magnum, TC, Rick and Higgins in all 22 thrilling episodes packed with action, adventure and sexy Hawaiian fun.


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