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"Tom And Jerry: Paws For A Holiday": Join Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse for the thrill of the chase, with a few winter chills tossed in, as they dash through the snow - headed straight for laughs. Skate through the classic battle of wits in these classics filled with purrfect comic timing and side-splitting sight gags! Episodes Include: "Mice Follies", "Designs on Jerry", "The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit", "Snowbody Loves Me", "I'm Just Wild About Jerry", "The A-Tom-Inable Snowman", "Advance and be Mechanized".

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Liven up your celebration with this silly string. Spray string is not just for New Years, use these at birthdays, circus or carnival events, or any occasion when you want to have a good laugh. Looking for more laughs? With wide selection of jokes, gags and tricks you;ll find what you need to play a prank on April Fool;s day or any occasion requiring a laugh.

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