Irina The Wolf Queen

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'This child, ' said Raizel, 'will be the greatest ruler this kingdom has ever known.' Kidnapped at birth, raised by a she-wolf and then taken in by a kind farmer and his wife, Irina is no ordinary foundling. With her long hair and bright eyes, she is beau

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Irina felt joy flood through her. Adventure She climbed onto Durrell's back and the pair sped off, leaving tracks in the white snow. Irina the Wolf Queen's mission to save the wolves of Ragnor is under threat. Having defeated the wicked magician Vilmo

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'I'm no wolf-queen, ' Irina thought bitterly. 'I'm barely more than a girl, a stupid girl at that, who got herself helplessly trapped in a Narrowlands cell.' A terrifying army marches south towards Irina's family and friends. Locked in prison, she is powe

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