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Live in 5, 4, 3, 2! It's all up to you to help Carly in her quest to turn iCarly into an even bigger world-wide sensation! Find props for the set, crew for the show, wacky content to feature, hundreds of collectibles, and then put it all together to turn iCarly into the world's most popular web-show! Explore the iCarly World - Visit over 20 locations in the crazy world of iCarly, including Ridgeway High, the Groovy Smoothie, and even Carly's bedroom! Creativity and Customization - Customize the iCarly set and your own bedroom with tons of items including furniture, random art, and more.

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In iCarly 2: iJoin The Click!, the adventure starts with the player as a newbie student at Ridgeway who begins to hang out with Carly, Sam and Freddie at locations from the show, such as Groovie Smoothie, the Pacific Place Mall, and even Carly's apartment. While exploring the locations and interacting with the cast, players get to compete in a series of fun challenges and mini-games to help out the gang.

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