Dirt Season 1

Alle Preise verstehen sich für die 'Dirt Season 1' sind die ungefähren Kosten der Lieferung an eine Adresse in Deutschland.
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Burpee-Chives, Common Seed Packet: Container friendly for porch and patio applicationsRequires an area that receives full sun to flourishThe Burpee seed is ready to harvest in 80-daysGrows up to 18" tall indoors or outProduces an herb to use while cookingDifferent flower and plant seeds are available from the collection for quickly finding the ones to suit your needsAdd seasoning to potatoes, soups and other dishes with the harvested foodThinly cover with 1/4" of fine soil, lightly firm the location and moisten the dirt evenly


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Out there among the dusty and/or swampy back roads of Americana there is a man-creature a-lurkin', a-ramblin', a-driftin', and quite often, a-seekin'. "Xavier" is a spiritual wanderer who moseys from town to town playing his shakashuri and trying to lend a helping snakehand to his fellow man. He's a stoic guardian of the day, here to deliver his home brew justice to lonely teenagers, hot cavewomen, dirt farmers, evil cowboys, and dads who just won't listen.

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