Cops Triple Feature

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"Willie Dynamite" -Roscoe Orman is "Willie Dynamite," the flashy and arrogant street pimp who ruthlessly tries to apply capitalist principles to his own prostitution ring. But Willie's grand plans are challenged by competing pimps and corrupt cops who work together to shut him down. As Willie's world begins to crumble, Cora, a determined woman from his past, returns to try and rescue his girls from a future on the streets.

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"Delta Force Commando": Captain Beck (Fred Williamson) is assigned to hunt a group of Latn militants and recover the nuclear weapon they stole from the U.S. government. "Deadly Impact": When they learn about a valuable hacking program with the ability to rig casino slot machines, two corrupt cops (Bo Svenson and Fred Williamson) - who want the software for themselves - track the violent thieves who are in possession of it.

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