Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain Fiction

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An often overlooked masterpiece of historical fiction by the same author who brought us beloved classics such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, here is Mark Twain s last completed novel a work of lifelong fascination that involved over a decade of rigorous research. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, by the Sieur Louis de Conte (original full title) is the rigorously researched biography of the young girl who saved a nation, installed a King, and was burned alive at the stake, told in the voice of a fictional page (de Conte) and with an additional narrative frame of having been translated out of the ancient French into Modern English from the original unpublished manuscript in the National Archives of France.

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Throughout his career Mark Twain viewed the relations between the individual and his community with mixed feelings, and this book explores both the ambiguities of Twain's attitude and their effect upon his fiction. In the earlier novels - most notably "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn" - the protagonist enjoys a dual position - at liberty to follow his own inclinations while retaining his conventional place as a respected member of the community - and the resolutions of these works are built upon this duality.

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