The New Adventures Of Pinocchio Udo Kier Martin Landau

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The New Adventures of Pinocchio is the charming sequel to the 1996 live-action movie. Though the cast is largely new, Martin Landau returns as Geppetto; his role is pared down, however, by a neat twist in the tale. Udo Kier also returns, this time in the new bad guy/girl role of Madame Flambeau, whose carnival sets itself up in Pinocchio's town and offers everyone a miracle elixir to change their lives.

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The wooden puppet who becomes a real boy is back for the most fantastical adventures yet in this dazzling blend of live action and Jim Henson???€?s amazing puppetry. Pinocchio visits a bizarre traveling carnival and obtains a magic elixir reputed to cure all ills. But when he gives it to his sickly father, Gepetto (Martin Landau) is transformed into a puppet and caught in the clutches of the evil Madame Flambeua (Udo Kier).

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