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Menu Norm Soap Pump. The Norm Bath series from Menu features a range of elegant bathroom accessories, complete with smooth, round contours and user-friendly details. The oversized pump button allows for easy control and a generous amount of your desired soap. The rubber base is also weighted down to guarantee a safe and slip-resistant stand. All internal synthetic pieces are removeable to allow you to refill and clean the dispenser with ease.


Computer -independent combo slide film photo scanner for archiving of slides, 35mmfilm and photos with sizes 9x13cm, 10x15cm and 13x18cm.Fast scans with high image quality. The oneConcept combo scanner is a beginner-friendly scanner that's useful fordigitizing 35mm film, slides and photos without the need for a computer! Instead, itallows to you scan in high quality directly to an SD card!The clear advantage is the total independency of a PC, making it useful wherever yougo! (The unit can also naturally be used with a PC).

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