Instrumental Element And Multi Element Analysis Of Plant Samples

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Instrumental Element and Multi-element Analysis of Plant Samples This work deals with instrumental multi-element analysis of plant materials, a method for assessing the state of the environment. It presents an approach to planning the analysis and techniques used in processing and storage of samples, use of measuring devices and methods, and data analysis.

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Because of their photosynthetic activity, plants represent the most important form of life on earth, and thus provide a rich and important source for investigation. By studying the levels of elements such as lead, cadmium and mercury in plants, vital information on background concentrations of such elements in the environments can be obtained. The growth in the use of instrumental multi-element techniques, such as neutron activation, X-ray fluorescence and atomic emission spectroscopy in the analysis of plant samples has led to significant advances in our ability to determine accurately the quantities of such elements present in plant samples.

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